Our Mission - Our Purpose

FBD is dedicated to the professional development of the academic disciplines represented in
the Federation. The primary purposes of FBD are: (1) to provide and coordinate an
annual meeting for Federation members, (2) to provide a common general program in which all
Federation members will participate together, (3) to provide a forum through an annual meeting
for the discussion and exchange of ideas and presentation of papers, (4) to foster professional
growth and enrichment for members in each of the professional associations, and (5) to provide
information which can be used to improve classroom instruction, research, and academic and
business development.


FBD Executive Council - The Management Team

President - Kimberly J. Webb, Texas Wesleyan University

Vice-President & Program Chair - Cassy Henderson, Sam Houston State University

Executive Director - Michelle McEacharn, University of Louisiana Monroe

Secretary/Treasurer - Kelly Noe, Stephen F. Austin State University

VP & Program Chair-Elect - Syed K. Zaidi, University of Louisiana Shreveport

Immediate Past PresidentEugenie Ardoin, University of Louisiana Monroe

Past President - Degan Kettles, Brigham Young University

FBD Board of Directors

The Executive Council of FBD serves as its management team, making strategic decisions and managing ongoing conference details.

The FBD Board of Directors serves as an oversight decision body.  This group makes important decisions as to conference site selection and fee amounts.  The Board also elects key FBD officers which includes the President, Vice-President and Program Chair-Elect, and Secretary/Treasurer.

The Board of Directors is comprised of the members of the Executive Council, other FBD officers, and two representatives from each of FBD's member associations.


Executive Council Members:

  • President -Kimberly J. Webb
  • VP & Program Chair - Cassy Henderson
  • Executive Director - Michelle McEacharn (non-voting)
  • Secretary/Treasurer - Kelly Noe
  • VP & Program Chair-Elect - Syed K. Zaidi
  • Immediate Past President - Eugenie Ardoin
  • Past President - Degan Kettles

Other FBD Officers:

  • Director of Marketing - TBD (non-voting)
  • Director of Social Media/Engagement - Joyce Zhou (non-voting)
  • Historian - Janie R. Gregg (non-voting)
  • Coordinator of Registration - Jay Vega (non-voting)
  • Webmaster - Cheryl Prachyl (non-voting)
  • FBD Journal Editor - Mary Fischer (non-voting)

Association Representatives:

  • AARE President - Trevor England
  • AARE Program Chair - Marina Ruseva
  • ABC-SWUS President - Ashley Hall
  • ABC-SWUS Program Chair - Ashton Mouton
  • ASBE Executive Director - Courtney Kernek
  • ASBE President - Eric Kennedy
  • ABIS President - Kimberly Merritt
  • ABIS VP & Program Chair - Mahesh Raisinghani
  • ACME President - Atefeh Yazdanparast
  • ACME VP & Program Chair - Lili Gai
  • DSI-SW President - Kittipong (Ken) Boonme
  • DSI-SW President-Elect - Will Senn
  • SWAM President - Kenneth Sweet
  • SWAM President-Elect - Robert Lloyd
  • SWCRA President - Robert Stevens
  • SWCRA VP & Program Chair - Ying Lin
  • SSE President - Makeen Huda
  • SSE President-Elect & Program Chair - Wei Feng