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"An academic association with national and international constituencies that focuses on promoting and improving research and educational activities of schools and colleges of businesses."

- Celebrating over 30 Years of Successful Quality Meetings

Federation of Business Disciplines is a successful nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization. It was founded in 1973 and held its first meeting in 1974. FBD developed into one to the largest, most prestigious annual meetings for those disciplines common to business administration and has both national and international constituencies of more than 1,000 college professors from schools of businesses attending its annual meetings.

FBD presently includes 10 professional associations that focus on the promotion and improvement of research and educational activities of schools and colleges of businesses.

These associations have joined together to form a federation designed to:

  • Provide and coordinate an annual meeting for association members.
  • Present a common general program in which all association members will participate together.
  • Provide a forum through its annual meeting to discuss and exchange ideas and to present formal research papers.
  • Foster professional growth and enrichment for members of each association.
  • Provide information which can be used to improve classroom instruction, research and academic or business development.
  • Recognize outstanding papers presented at the meeting through its sponsored distinguished paper award.
  • Recognize outstanding educators of the year.
  • Provide a placement service for academic positions.
  • As a major force of business administration educators and after 30 years of success, FBD continues to provide outstanding programs to its professional constituencies. In that time more than 50,000 individuals have attended and benefited from its meetings.

Our Mission

The Federation of Business Disciplines' mission is to facilitate the multidisciplinary exchange of ideas that foster professional growth and enrichment for its members to improve instruction, research and academic/business development.

Our goals are to:

  • Be the best nationwide professional association.
  • Promote high-quality teaching, research and service.
  • Be recognized as high quality, national meeting.
  • Increase diversity and encourage multidisciplinary interaction among members.
  • Recognize outstanding achievement of members.
  • Encourage excellence through peer evaluation of scholarly work.
  • Provide social and professional opportunities for networks of scholars.
  • Effectively serve member associations with program coordination, pre-registration, on-site registration and placement.
  • Encourage strong support from academic administrators.
  • Facilitate faculty placement.
  • Coordinate an annual meeting at the most accommodating site.
  • Be a financially viable professional association.

Our Goals

The Federation of Business Disciplines (FBD) is a highly successful multi-disciplinary, non-profit, volunteer-driven organization. As a major force for business faculty, FBD presently includes academic associations that share common goals to:

  • Promote high-quality teaching, research and services
  • Encourage excellence through peer-evaluation of scholarly work
  • Recognize outstanding achievement of members
  • Increase diversity and encourage multi-disciplinary interaction
  • Provide social and professional opportunities for networks of scholars
  • Facilitate faculty placement
The FBD does not discriminate based on race, religion, country of origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, or gender identity.


In pursuing its goals, FBD is committed to providing:

  • Excellence in professional service, research and teaching.
  • A climate conducive to increase scholarship through resource development, knowledge expansion and knowledge utilization.
  • An environment that promotes cooperation among member associations and their members, academic administrators, business/industry and business leaders/ community.
  • Honesty, fairness, responsible leadership and ethical behavior.
  • Continued support of excellence in annual meetings.


FBD is governed by a board of directors consisting of a president, vice president and general program chair, vice president and general program chair elect, secretary/treasurer, coordinator of registration, executive director, director of marketing, webmaster, placement director, historian, two representatives from each member association, and two ad hoc representatives from the publishers who exhibit at FBD meetings.

Each association has its elected officers: a president, a vice president, a secretary-treasurer and a program chair.

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